About AK Yachts

We live by the motto, “Price and Presentation”

Alex Kirby - AK Yachts

AK Yachts LogoAK Yachts is a family owned business built upon the motto, “price and presentation”. The business was set up in Yorkshire, built on 38 years of solid inshore and offshore boating.

AK Yachts LogoAll of our boats are fully refurbished in our workshops, as it is important to us that they all look their very best before going to market.

AK Yachts LogoIt is also an essential at AK Yachts that each and every boat shows maximum value for money. It is the key to our success.

Value for money is the key to AK Yachts’ success

AK Yachts LogoCurrent owner, Alex Kirby (pictured), personally oversees every project that passes through the AK process, from purchase, through refurbishment, to sale. This personal service ensures that AK Yacht customers get exactly what they want, when they want it.